Are you ready for Dynamic Change?

I’m Dr Patricia Kemp and I’m the founder of KBS. I’ve worked with organisations, teams and individuals all over the world for more than 20 years helping them to identify, implement, get ready for and embed change.

I have a passion for helping people deal with the challenges of complex and continuous change in the workplace.

I believe we are now in a new era of Dynamic Change where new approaches and a new mindset for dealing with change is needed to relieve the tensions, address morale and wellbeing, and to make change and organisations more sustainable.

My Mission is to change how organisations support their people through change by opening their minds to new ways of changing.

Products and Services

Are you a CEO, COO, HR or Program Director? Are you concerned about the wellbeing of your people during change? Are you dealing with challenging stakeholders? Or do you feel you are failing your customers?

Select from a range of tailored workplace change solutions to help you through.


Achieve your targets and exceed your stakeholders’ expectations


Achieve transformational and sustainable change in your people


Your people can learn and grow with your organisation

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