Helping CEOs, COOs, HR, Change and Project Directors guide and support their people through Dynamic Change, easily and quickly, by changing mindsets


No two organisations or change initiatives are alike. Each requires a different approach that specifically addresses the needs of each unique change and environment. All my consulting is highly tailored to ensure you get the maximum benefit to address your unique circumstances.


Every individual has their own unique mindset that is made up of their experiences, perceptions, beliefs, identity, values, behavioural preferences, emotions, habits and strategies. I use various techniques and modalities to help people get to where they need to be, in one-on-one and group sessions.

Learning & Development

My learning solutions target the specific need of a change initiative, be it learning new processes and systems, becoming resilient, or developing cognitive flexibility. I ensure that all development is accompanied by the associated mindset change necessary to result in true and lasting learning and change.

Are you a leader now needing to become a Virtual Leader?

The global spread of COVID-19 has forced organisations to activate their contingency plans. But are they truly ready for the new work dynamic that comes from large contingents of their workforce, if not all, working virtually. And possibly for long periods of time.

My unique E-Leadership Mindset Coaching will help you adapt to this new work dynamic, as quickly and as easily as possible.

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